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Democrats praise Biden, Republicans question legislation and executive orders after first 100 days in office

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Thursday marks President Biden’s 100-day milestone of his administration. So how is he doing? WISH-TV took that question to both Indiana Democrats and Republicans.

Indiana Democrats say Biden has made good on his promises. They say he’s reached vaccine goals, created more than 1 million jobs over the last three months, helped reopen the economy and rebuilt a transatlantic alliance. Plus, Democrats say the unemployment rate is the lowest its been since the start of the pandemic.

However, one thing they say can get better is a bipartisan approach to tackling problems across the country.

“We are better together,” Indiana Democratic Senator Fady Qaddoura said. “We are better when we work together as one nation, whether it’s a red or blue state.”

Indiana Republicans say they’re happy Biden let former President Donald Trump’s Operation Warp Speed continue, along with approving vaccines that were ready before the election.

They’re not happy that the administration wants to add Supreme Court justices as well as H.R. 1, claiming it would completely gut the levels of election integrity that states have put in place across the country.

Republicans also say the number of executive orders has increased prices at the gas pump.

“If we are going to see big ominous bills again, for only actually 10% of them go to COVID relief or those who are most impacted, those need to stop,” state chairman of the Indiana Republican Party Kyle Hupfer said. “Our great-grandchildren are going to be paying off this debt that has been put forth.”

Both parties agree the border crisis needs to be addressed next.

Republicans question why top officials like Vice President Kamala Harris hasn’t visited the border. Democrats say it shouldn’t a partisan issue.