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Hundreds show up for vigil in honor of fallen Elwood police officer

ELWOOD, IND. (WISH) — Friends, family, and members of the community came together Monday night to remember Elwood police officer Noah Shahnavaz as not just an officer, but also a man.

“I want to begin by saying what I think all of us are thinking, and that is we shouldn’t be here this evening. Not for this person, not at this time, and certainly not for this reason,” Pastor Roger Gardner said.

Shahnavaz, a graduate of Fishers High School and an Army veteran, was shot and killed Sunday during a traffic stop.

Hundreds of supporters gathered at the fountain next to the police department to pray and be together in grief in a vigil hosted by East Main Street Christian Church. The church leaders wanted to give the community an opportunity to show their support to the family as well.

“It’s not right, it’s not fair, and we find ourselves with far more questions than answers,” Gardner said.

Pastor Matthew Seibel added: “It’s moments like these when we search for words that will quench the pain and burning inside that doesn’t seem to stop when you lose someone so integral to this community.”