ISP to increase roadway presence over Thanksgiving weekend

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indiana State Police will have an increased presence on the roadways over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Troopers will look for drivers not using their turn signals, texting and driving, speeding and those not wearing their seat belts.

Sgt. John Perrine said of the total number of vehicle occupants killed in crashes, so far this year, more than 40% were not wearing seat belts. 

He also said Thanksgiving brings about drunk drivers. 

“It seems like a lot of these gatherings include alcohol consumption,” he said. “Your plan has to include a safe way to get home without getting behind the wheel.”

According to AAA, it’s predicted that 48.3 million people will be traveling for the holiday. That’s an 8% increase from last year. 

Indiana troopers said last year, during Thanksgiving, more than 2,300 crashes happened. Resulting in eight deaths.