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Smell gas downtown? You’re not alone

Perry K Generating Station, shown in November 2022, is owned and operated by Citizens Thermal, a division of Citizens Energy Group, in downtown Indianapolis. (Provided Photo/Google Street View)

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Public safety agencies and Citizens Energy Group on Tuesday afternoon received multiple reports of a gas odor inside buildings and outdoors near downtown Indianapolis.

Citizens says that the reports it’s received were south and west of downtown Indianapolis. Dispatchers for public safety agencies recorded reports north of downtown.

In an email to News 8, Citizens also says it’s found the cause. “We have confirmed that a nearby industrial facility ran processes that could emit gas-like odors that tend to linger on a day like today with overcast weather (which keeps any odors from quickly dissipating).”

No additional details on the source were provided.

Citizens also says its gas-distribution system is not experiencing any problems, but it’s continuing to investigate odor reports.