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Paretta Autosport presents women-led Indianapolis 500 team

INDIAANPOLIS (WISH) — The Indianapolis 500 is just as much a woman’s world, and the Paretta Autosport team is helping make that clear.

Being a part of the team at this moment is an amazing feeling, members say. As the world moves toward more diversity and inclusion, seeing this many women helps paint a picture for girls who might also have a need for speed.

Teamwork is what makes the Paretta Autosport team run. It just so happens, it’s a team run by women. “I’m pinching myself every day I get to do this,” said driver Simona de Silvestro.

She plans to be in the driver’s seat for the May 30 Indy 500. The women who stand with her are part of the crew that’ll get her to the finish line. “I feel pretty competitive out there, and the team around me is great. So from that point of view, we’re just taking it day by day and getting the confidence up,” de Silvestro said.

Women aren’t new to the driving world, but a team that is 75% women hasn’t happened until now. Team engineer Lauren Sullivan said, “We’re also very aware of our unique position to the next generation eyes are on us. In particular the young ladies that are out there watching this unfold.”

Beth Paretta is the team’s chief executive officer. She said it’s important to not only acknowledge sponsors and partners who support women’s’ initiatives, but also the men who’ve played vital roles in getting the crew to the track. “These are opportunities of a lifetime.”

But as in all sport, dedication matters most, and these women have a job to do. Pit crew mechanic Andra Buzatu said, “I think the biggest point is that we’re just another race team and we are here to win.”

The team includes men and women. On Wednesday, it was not clear how many men or how many women will head over the wall come race day.

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