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NC man arrested after ax-wielding clown bursts into woman’s home, police say

HICKORY, NC (WNCN) – A North Carolina dad has been caught after police say he dressed in a clown costume – with multi-colored wig and all – and burst into a woman’s home while swinging an ax at her.

On Monday, police identified the man accused of the wild incident and arrest warrants were obtained. The incident happened very early Friday morning around 4:30 a.m., when the man came to the house of the woman who was an acquaintance, said Hickory Police spokeswoman Chrystal Dieter.

On Wednesday afternoon, Jimmy Raybon, age 31, of Connelly Springs turned himself in to police on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, the Hickory Daily Record reported.

Raybon, who says on a Facebook page that appears to be his that he works at Precision Tune and has a child, was also charged with breaking and entering, the newspaper reported.

Four days before the alleged incident, a person managing the Jimmy Raybon page posted on what appears to Raybon’s Facebook page that he is expecting a baby boy in December.

On Monday, three days after the incident when warrants were issued, a message was posted about “cleanin up” his life.

“Cleanin up the mess I have made of my life is not an easy task but it would certainly be impossible without God, the program and an amazing woman, (name omitted), who pushes me and encourages me to overcome the daily obstacles and to hold on to the love that all the above give me each and every day. I love you God. I love you NA. I love you baby. I owe y’all one,” a Jimmy Raybon wrote on what appears to be his Facebook page.

Authorities say that the man didn’t hurt the woman, and she was able to remove his mask and recognized him as an acquaintance before he left.

The Hickory Daily Record reported that Raybon’s bond was set at $6,000. A motive for the attack was still not clear.– The Associated Press contributed to this report

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