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Netflix price to increase for 17 million users, most don’t know it (yet)

If you’ve been a longtime customer of Netflix, your bill may be going up starting in May.

According to Business Insider, approximately 17 million customers were grandfathered in 2014 at a price of $7.99 per month for a subscription. This is 37 percent of U.S. subscribers.

But the company is increasing their rate to $9.99, which is what customers after 2014 have been paying. The $9.99 price is for the Standard HD content.

Research by JP Morgan found that about 80 percent of the customers that will be seeing the price increase didn’t know it was happening.

When Netflix changed the pricing in 2014, the company said current members were able to keep their $7.99 price for two years, and that two years has expired.

Below is Netflix’s pricing as of April 8, 2016: