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Police warn of Instagram user asking for pictures of boys’ hands

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — The Fishers Police Department is sending a warning to parents.

FPD says an Instagram user identifying himself as Tyler Schultz is contacting junior high-aged boys and asking for them to send pictures of their hands and to be friends.

FPD said several parents reported the user to the department to investigate.

The Fishers Police Department Intelligence Unit and the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force found more than 20 social media accounts using that name or a variation of that name.

In one conversation to a Fishers boy, ‘Tyler’ said he went to Bethel Park High School. But, FPD revealed the school is located in Pennsylvania. 

Fishers police say they have no idea who this person is, or where they are located.

Parents in the area told New 8 they were on edge and disturbed after hearing of the incident. 

“They are doing whatever they can to lure these kids in,” Fishers parent, Justice Escue said. “How as parents are we supposed to protect them? Now, they are asking for pictures of hands? It is so, so crazy. Nothing surprises me.”

“That is just so scary,” Fishers parent Miranda Nouri said. “I just can’t believe it. You don’t see what’s going on on Instagram and Facebook. You really have to watch your kids, you know?”

FPD sent along these tips to parents:

  • Make certain your social media platforms are set to the highest security settings. We encourage you to check these settings on a regular basis. These settings can be changed by the owners of the individual platforms and they are not required to notify the user.
  • Please be aware of your children’s activity on social media. Check their devices often and talk with them about the dangers of social media.
  • Do not engage in conversations with strangers. Any information you divulge could potentially be used for criminal activity.
  • Immediately report suspicious activity to your local police department. This applies to all types of suspicious activity. Immediate notification allows officers to quickly address and resolve the situation.

FPD said at this time, no crime has been committed. However, police fear this person is using these messages into grooming kids to get more comfortable, in order to send more explicit messages.

Police say its at that point, investigators could legally step in. 

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