Porch collapses on violation-ridden home; neighbor fears house could be next

City not helping with violation-ridden home, neighbor says

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — There is no reason to get any closer to this house on Prospect Street than necessary.

The front door is blocked by lumber, shingles and wires for what used to be a front porch. And there is a sign taped to the inside of a front window warning would-be trespassers to think twice. Just as the sun was setting Thursday, Ken Williams, who lives next door, heard a horrible thud and knew instantly the source.

“That front porch has been propped up now for more than 15 years, the house has been gutted on the inside, it has had vagrants living in it, there have been two different times they have had fires in there from homeless people living in there,” said Williams.

Williams is retired and travels occasionally, so News 8 talked to him by phone while sitting on Williams’ front porch. From his yard, the view of the disrepair is more than evident. And Williams says this mess has been building for decades.

“We have been fearful that the whole house would fall one way or another, either to the east or to the west, and damage my home or the young lady that lives next door. The city has sold a piece of property,” said Williams.

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The city of Indianapolis has fined the current owner $3,500 for code violations so far this year. The list of needed repairs is extensive, including everything from the chimney and paint the foundation and the roof.

If repairs are not completed by October, there could be additional fines and the city could order the home to be demolished.

News 8 heard from the Department of Business and Neighborhood services late Friday afternoon, which said it plans to send inspectors to the house Monday.

The Friday condition of the house would be considered unsafe by city standards.