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Retired Indiana State trooper, inventor of stop sticks, develops Safety Arrow

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) — The inventor of the police-chase-ending stop sticks has gone back into the invention room to create what he hopes will be a live-saving instrument.

Ken Greves, a retired Indiana State Trooper, invented the Safety Arrow, a reflective arrow that can be fixed to the rear of a stopped semi, bus, police car or other vehicle to direct passing motorists to move over.

Greves said the Safety Arrow will save lives and liability and “point the way to safety.”

In 1992, Greves, while serving as the state police force’s public information officer, invented stop sticks, rods stuffed with spikes and styrofoam tossed out into roadways by police or military to deflate tires. The stop sticks are the top tire deflation devices in the world and earned Greves millions.

He’s hoping for similar success from the Safety Arrow.

To buy a Safety Arrow for your vehicle, call Greves at 614-560-4514.

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