Safety concerns raised after Indiana Beach roller coaster injury

MONTICELLO, Ind. (WLFI) – An employee suffered several injuries at Indiana Beach over the weekend following an incident with a roller coaster car.

Around 1 p.m. Saturday, the Monticello Fire Department responded to Indiana Beach after receiving reports of a man who was hit.

The man was taken to IU Health White Memorial Hospital before being airlifted to an Indianapolis hospital.

Park officials said on Saturday the man is a mechanic and was working on the Cornball Express roller coaster.

Following the incident, safety concerns are being raised by some.

Beth Delgaldo was at the park on Sunday with her family. She said she was unaware of what happened until News 18 informed her.

“I think that the more information the public could know would be better, especially when we’re dealing with the safety of our children, [ourselves] at an amusement park. I mean, they should definitely be more up front with the information,” said Delgaldo.

After hearing the news, she’s not sure she’ll be heading back to the park anytime soon.

“It depends on what the story was. Was it negligence? Or was it really a ride that malfunctioned? I think it is important information to know,” Delgaldo said.

On the other hand, some people aren’t concerned about park operations.

Dean Harrison has two children who work at the park.

“They spend their days off there, going on the rides. It’s not a concern. I’m not worried about, you know, them being hurt. You know, riding on any of the rides,” said Harrison.

Harrison said the incident won’t stop him and his family from visiting the park in the future.

“I feel safe with them. I go there with my wife, you know, we go on the rides and we enjoy it,” Harrison said. “It’s just a shame that it happened. I think that the park is doing whatever they have to do to make the rides safe, you know, for all of the guests.”

As of Monday, Indiana Beach officials said they have no further comment about the incident.

The amusement park did not respond to our request for comments.