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School districts to receive ISTEP scores earlier this year

INDIANAPOLIS – School districts across Indiana are getting an early surprise this year. In two weeks, districts will receive ISTEP test scores.

The announcement came at Wednesday’s state board of education meeting. Districts will receive scores on August 16th.

ISTEP is Indiana’s statewide test. Students are quizzed on English, math, science and social studies.

The tests start for kids as young as third grade, and run through high school. The test results are used not just to see how individual students are doing, but schools, and districts as a whole.

Last year, districts didn’t receive this information until September and October. State Superintendent of Public Instruction Jennifer McCormick said getting results in August could make a major difference for educators and parents.

“It’s big for the field because you can move ahead, and look at your evaluations,” McCormick said. “You can start formulating things. You’re looking at compensation based upon that. So it really does help with the morale at the local level. It really does help you get a better gauge on how things are landing to gear up your instruction.”

Districts are receiving the test scores in two weeks. The final results will be reported to the state board of education next month.

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