Storm Track 8 debuts new weather system

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Storm Track 8 is extremely proud to debut our new weather system, the Baron Lynx.

Designed with the best weather tools available, the Baron Lynx is well-known for its advancements in meteorology.

It will supply us with the top data and will visualize storms in a way that will help us break down complicated forecasts for you.

Storm Track 8 Chief Meteorologist Ashley Brown has spent time learning the product.

“So the last two weeks, our team has worked hard training on that new system to make sure that you know that in a storm we’re here with the latest information too keep you safe in the storm,” Ashley said.

The tracking tools will give Storm Track 8 every advantage to identify dangerous storms as they approach your neighborhood.

“Our goal is to always keep you safe. There’s new technology out there that can bring us information faster, we get more information from this system,” Ashley said.

In addition to the weather system, we are excited to announce our new and improved weather app. It will have improved radar, a cleaner look and feel, and weather alerts that are based on your location.

The brand new Storm Track 8 Weather app will soon be available in Google Play and the App Store.

“We have a great weather team at WISH-TV, and the team is extremely dedicated to bring you the latest information, and we know that’s important, and this new system allows us to bring the latest information faster,” Ashley said.