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Support from Indianapolis landed in the lone star state

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Support from Indiana landed in the lone star state on Wednesday to offer assistance with the flooding.

A handful of local Red Cross volunteers arrived in Texas to offer flood victims a helping hand.  They will help set up cots at shelters, pass out food and offer emotional support.

The trail of disaster left behind by mother nature will take time to rebuild as emergency crews in some parts still struggle to see the ground beneath them.

Water levels are still high, homes are water logged and cars continue to float down stream.  To help those left devastated, five Red Cross volunteers from the Indianapolis area took off early to join the first team of eight people who deployed on Tuesday.

Justin Landers is one of them. Landers said he couldn’t sit at home and do nothing when those closest to him are in the center of the flood zone.

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He packed basics to pass out to people in need and some stuffed animals that will be handed to children.

“It is really bad right now. I have family that lives there and they share what they see. I will be helping out for two weeks. I think the best part will be passing out teddy bears. I know it is not the most meaningful thing, but to a kid who lost everything it is,” said Landers.

To help the Red Cross, the Indiana branch can be reached by calling 317-684-1441.