The one word you should never use again

The one word you should never use again

It has four letters and starts with an “s.” However, it’s probably NOT what you think.

Jennifer Magley, Speaker, Coach, and Author, shares why you shouldn’t use the word, SURE. 

Reasons why you should not use sure:
•    It is not acceptable.
o   It is the worst answer to a yes or no question. -Urban Dictionary
•    It is inflammatory.
o   It is a weapon of passive aggressive indifference. 
•    It is a weak or lackadaisical yes.
o   It reveals how you really feel about something.

When to use sure:
•    When you want to annoy someone.
•    When you do not want to commit or completely agree with another person. 
•    When you want to softly agree with someone, a way of saying I see you.

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