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U.S. Postal workers arrested for trafficking more than 500 pounds of marijuana

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – Agents in Tuscaloosa County have been working on an investigation since late 2014 to combat drug trafficking using the U.S. Mail as a delivery service.

According to a media release from the Tuscaloosa Police Department, “In 2014, agents discovered a higher rate of marijuana being shipped into Tuscaloosa and began to suspect that U.S. Postal Service employees were participating in a drug distribution. It is estimated that the drug distribution involved more than 500 pounds of marijuana.”

Three workers from separate post offices – located in Northport, Downtown Tuscaloosa, and on Skyland Blvd in Tuscaloosa – were allegedly involved in the operation.

According to the media release, known drug traffickers recruited and paid U.S. Postal Service employees in cash to deliver inbound drug packages that were supposed to be delivered to members of the drug trafficking organization headed by Quincy Doss.

According to the media release, “the postal employees would also tip off the dealers not to accept packages if they knew law enforcement had been alerted to drugs inside a particular package. This made the investigation very difficult but over time agents were able to determine the employees who were part of the drug operation.”