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Updated COVID-19 vaccines available for Hoosiers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Updated COVID-19 vaccines are available now. Experts recommend people get their shots as the weather gets colder.

Dr. Scott Stienecker, epidemiologist and infectious disease specialist with Parkview Health in Fort Wayne, joined the Daybreak team Tuesday to talk about how the updated vaccines differ from those available before.

“These vaccines are made using an mRNA technology which allows us to basically take a piece of protein that we want to copy and them make a vaccine out of that specific protein. In this case, it’s the outer capsule of the COVID virus, that spike protein, that allows us to make antibodies that will attack and attach to that,” Stienecker said.

The Moderna vaccine is available for anyone over 18 that received their primary series of vaccines at least two months ago, and is ready for their booster. The Pfizer vaccine is available for anybody over 12 who had their primary series of vaccines at least two months ago and is ready for a booster.

Steinecker says people who have had COVID-19 recently should still get vaccinated.

“I would absolutely recommend everybody get vaccinated before Christmas, before the holidays, because I think that we’re going to start to see a significant surge again,” Stienecker said.

Steinecker also recommends people get their flu vaccine.

Visit the state’s coronavirus website for more information.