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WISH-TV reporters compete in hilarious cow milking contest at State Fair

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A couple of WISH-TV reporters had an “udderly” fantastic time at the Indiana State Fair Wednesday.

Jeff Wagner and Elizabeth Choi competed in a local celebrity cow milking contest. Each team got one minute. The stakes were high. Choi started off team WISH-TV focused and determined. What would you expect from the Johnson County Goat Milking Champion, after all?

At one point the cow kicked Choi’s bucket, but, like a champion she “mooooved” forward. Next, she handed off the baton…errr, bucket to Wagner.

Wagner had his game face on. It was clear, he was in it to win it. Wagner was able to squeeze out a significant amount a milk, quite possibly on track to save the team. But, after thirty seconds his time was up.

Team WISH-TV was able to get about a quarter of a cup by the end of their minute. It definitely wasn’t enough to take home the title, but they did get great joy out of their prize; a blue participation ribbon.