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A Complete Guide to the 11 Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus Relief

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Tinnitus, the relentless ringing or buzzing in the ears, can often feel like an isolating experience. The persistent sound can hinder daily activities, affect mental well-being, and disturb peaceful moments. But what if there were hearing aids specifically designed to provide relief from this irritating condition?

In our article, we present a complete guide to the 11 best hearing aids tailored for tinnitus relief, with Jabra Enhance as our top pick. We’ve scoured the market, consulted experts, and narrowed the options to help you find the perfect solution.

Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus: Overview

  • Jabra Enhance – Overall best hearing aids for tinnitus
  • Audien – Best for battery life
  • MDHearing Aid – Best for all-day comfort
  • Elehear – Best for connectivity
  • Audicus – Best for subscription program
  • Oticon – Best for downloadable soundscapes
  • Starkey – Best for multiple hearing aids styles
  • Phonak – Best invisible hearing aid for tinnitus
  • Widex – Best tinnitus relief app
  • Eargo – Best self-fitting OTC hearing aids for tinnitus
  • Lexie – Best hearing aids for tinnitus with replaceable batteries

There are many tinnitus hearing aids on the market, each with its features, strengths, and weaknesses. Regarding hearing aid styles used for tinnitus, certain models are particularly beneficial. The following sections will comprehensively review the best hearing aids for tinnitus.

Jabra Enhance – Overall Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

All three models of the Jabra Enhance hearing aids come equipped with a Tinnitus Sound Generator (TSG) incorporated within the Jabra Enhance Select mobile app.

This TSG, once configured and calibrated by a licensed Jabra Enhance professional, offers users the power to manipulate the volume, frequency shaping, white noise variation, and nature sounds through their smartphone or tablet.

This personalized approach towards tinnitus management has given Jabra Enhance a commendable reputation in the industry.


  • Tinnitus treatment software
  • No in-person office visit required
  • Direct streaming from Apple and Android devices
  • Hearing environment presets with 360-degree sound
  • Three years of follow-up care
  • 100-day money-back guarantee


  • Not suitable for severe or profound hearing loss
  • Only behind-the-ear (BTE) models available

Why We Chose Jabra Enhance as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

In the Jabra Enhance App, users can save their preferred settings. This feature allows users to quickly access the settings that offer the best tinnitus therapy, thus saving them time and hassle. According to Jabra Enhance, nearly 90 percent of their customers have experienced some relief from tinnitus.


Jabra Enhance over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus are a revolution. Their personalized, professional approach towards tinnitus management, combined with their commitment to making hearing aids more affordable, has earned them a thumbs up from us!

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Audien – Best for Battery Life

Audien is known for producing affordable and user-friendly hearing aids. They offer a range of hearing aids with varying features to cater to individual needs. Their products can be easily purchased online and come with a 45-day risk-free trial. The Atom and Atom Pro models offer the best battery life for tinnitus patients.


  • Up to 20 hours of battery life
  • All models are rechargeable
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Good sound quality
  • Relatively affordable


  • May require frequent adjustments to get the desired sound quality

Why We Chose Audien Atom as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Audien Atom and Atom Pro are chosen for their outstanding battery life, a crucial feature for users requiring a reliable hearing device throughout the day. Their rechargeability further enhances their appeal, making them a practical choice for individuals with tinnitus seeking long-lasting battery performance without the frequent need for replacements.


Audien hearing aids stand out in the market for their impressive battery life, rechargeability, and affordability. While they may lack some advanced features and FDA approval as hearing aids, they serve as a viable option for those looking to enhance their hearing in a budget-friendly manner.

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MDHearing Aid – Best for All-Day Comfort

MDHearing is a brand known for offering FDA-registered, medical-grade hearing aids at a budget-friendly price. They have a range of models designed to cater to different user needs, with the VOLT model being particularly recognized for its comfort and user-friendly features.


  • Lightweight design ensures minimal ear fatigue
  • Ergonomic fit provides all-day comfort
  • Long battery life for uninterrupted use
  • Easy to adjust settings for personal comfort
  • Additional cushioning minimizes irritation


  • Size and color limitations
  • No smartphone/Bluetooth connectivity

Why We Chose MDHearing VOLT as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The MDHearing VOLT stands out for its all-day comfort, which is crucial for individuals with tinnitus who may need to wear hearing aids for extended periods. The ComfortTips and easy control features make them less intrusive and easier to manage throughout the day.

Moreover, the advanced noise reduction technology could potentially help in alleviating tinnitus symptoms by providing a clearer sound quality.


The MDHearing VOLT is a cost-effective, user-friendly, and comfortable option for individuals with tinnitus seeking relief. Despite some size and connectivity limitations, its comfort-centric design and essential sound quality features make it a worthy choice for all-day wear.

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Elehear – Best for Connectivity

Elehear incorporates cutting-edge technology into its hearing aids, such as AI-powered noise reduction and Bluetooth connectivity, to enhance the user’s auditory experience. The Elehear Alpha Pro emerges as a premier audio device within this brand’s lineup.


  • AI noise reduction technology
  • Bluetooth Connectivity and compatibility with both iOS and Android 
  • User-friendly comfort with featherlight design earcaps
  • 20 hours of battery life


  • Limited color choices may not appeal to all users

Why We Chose Elehear Alpha Pro as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Elehear Alpha Pro stands out due to its full Bluetooth integration, allowing for seamless connectivity with smartphones. This feature, coupled with its advanced noise reduction technology, makes it an excellent choice for individuals with tinnitus who are also tech-savvy.

The device’s compatibility with both iOS and Android platforms further broadens its appeal, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of users​.


The Elehear Alpha Pro is a superior tinnitus hearing aid boasting exceptional sound quality, advanced noise reduction, and seamless Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. Plus, its comfortable design and extended battery longevity make it a user-friendly choice.

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Audicus – Best for Subscription Program

Audicus has been recognized as a pioneering brand in remotely programming hearing aids and delivering them to customers’ doors. Their streamlined process, which involves either an online test or acceptance of an existing audiogram, cuts costs significantly compared to traditional options. The Omni 2 is our top pick for the most affordable OTC hearing aids for tinnitus.


  • Affordable pricing, especially with Audicus Premier
  • Bluetooth connectivity and seamless smartphone integration 
  • Enhanced sound clarity
  • Adaptive-directional microphones


  • High upfront cost

Why We Chose Audicus Omni 2 as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Audicus Omni 2 hearing aids offer a blend of affordability and high-end features, especially when accessed through the Audicus Premier program. This program provides a flexible payment structure, making the Omni 2 a more accessible option for individuals on a budget. 

Also, occasional discount codes, like the one currently offering $400 off any Audicus product, further enhance its affordability​.


The Audicus Omni 2 stands out for its balance of price, features, and accessibility through the Audicus Premier program. Its advanced sound processing technology, coupled with convenient features like Bluetooth connectivity, make it a reliable choice for individuals with tinnitus seeking an affordable option.

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Oticon – Best for Downloadable Soundscapes

The Oticon More is a state-of-the-art hearing aid that offers downloadable soundscapes to help manage tinnitus symptoms. These soundscapes, which include sounds of nature and ambient noise, can help distract the brain from the tinnitus noise.

In addition to its sound therapy capabilities, the Oticon More also offers excellent sound quality and a comfortable fit. It also includes a rechargeable battery and Bluetooth connectivity, making it a convenient and user-friendly option for individuals with tinnitus.


  • Provide superior sound quality and clarity
  • Come with a wide range of programs for individual hearing needs
  • Multiple color options


  • Only compatible with certain Android devices
  • It may not provide enough noise reduction for some users

Why We Chose Oticon More as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Oticon More stands out for its downloadable soundscapes feature, which is especially beneficial for individuals suffering from tinnitus. This feature allows users to download and listen to sounds like white noise, which can significantly help in managing tinnitus symptoms. 


The Oticon More hearing aids are a robust solution for individuals battling tinnitus. The downloadable soundscapes feature, along with the hearing aid’s advanced sound delivery and brain support functionalities, make it a worthy investment for better hearing and tinnitus management. The variety in style and color also adds a personalized touch, making it a top choice for many.

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Starkey – Best for Multiple Hearing Aids Styles

Among Starkey’s diverse portfolio of hearing aids, the Evolv AI line stands out for its cutting-edge approach to tinnitus management. Leveraging the power of AI, these tinnitus hearing aids provide a personalized approach to managing tinnitus symptoms, helping users regain control over their auditory experiences.


  • Additional 40% reduction in noise energy
  • Many different hearing aid types to choose from
  • Include a one-year loss and damage warranty


  • Limited compatibility with hearing aid accessories or apps
  • Few color options

Why We Chose Starkey Evolv AI as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Evolv AI features the advanced Multiflex Tinnitus Technology, allowing users to customize the tinnitus stimulus for their specific hearing needs, aiding in alleviating ear ringing. Users can adjust the Tinnitus Stimulus for different frequency bands through controls.

The product line includes styles ranging from discreet in-the-canal (ITC) to powerful behind-the-ear (BTE) models with rechargeable’ R’ devices. Starkey’s Evolv AI offers five technology tiers. An audiologist can guide users to the optimal style and technology for their particular hearing challenges.


Evolv AI by Starkey is an innovative solution that combines advanced technology, personalized tinnitus relief, and health monitoring features. It’s an excellent choice for individuals with tinnitus or those seeking a comprehensive hearing aid solution.

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Phonak – Best Invisible Hearing Aid for Tinnitus

The Phonak Lyric is an ideal choice for those seeking discretion. As an invisible-in-the-canal (IIC) hearing aid, it’s nearly undetectable. Plus, it delivers high-quality sound, aiding those with hearing loss and tinnitus despite its compact size. Unique for its extended wear, the Lyric can be continuously used for months, offering consistent tinnitus management.


  • Provides relief for tinnitus symptoms
  • Virtually invisible when worn
  • It can be worn continuously, even during sleep and showers
  • Water-resistant for added convenience


  • It may not be suitable for severe hearing loss
  • Lacks Bluetooth streaming capability

Why We Chose Phonak Lyric as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Phonak has published evidence suggesting that Lyric hearing aids can help alleviate tinnitus symptoms, even during nighttime when tinnitus can be most bothersome.

The deep insertion and natural sound delivery of Lyric aids and their extended wear capabilities contribute to their potential effectiveness in relieving tinnitus. This strategic placement also makes the aids invisible, providing a discreet hearing solution.


Phonak’s Lyric hearing aids offer a discreet, natural sound solution for tinnitus. Their deep-insertion design and extended wear benefits can greatly improve life quality for those with hearing loss.

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Widex – Best Tinnitus Relief App

Widex Moment integrates PureSound technology, which helps create a more natural sound experience. It features tinnitus programs that can be customized with the help of a hearing healthcare professional.


  • Smallest rechargeable lithium-ion RIC tinnitus hearing aids on the market
  • More than ten color options to choose from
  • Wide range of apps for better connectivity
  • Compatible with iOS and Android


  • Limited rechargeable options
  • Remote adjustment needs a special add-on adapter

Why We Chose Widex Moment as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Widex Moment hearing aids come with a feature known as Zen Tones, a tinnitus management tool. It plays random, soothing harmonic tones that can help you relax and reduce your focus on your tinnitus.


The Widex Moment hearing aid for tinnitus offers a unique blend of convenience, quality, and cutting-edge technology. They provide excellent sound quality, efficient tinnitus management, and a variety of styles and technology levels to cater to individual needs and preferences. 

While they may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, their robust features and effectiveness make them a worthy investment for those seeking a comprehensive solution to hearing loss and tinnitus.

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Eargo – Best Self-Fitting OTC Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Eargo has been in the market since 2015, carving a niche with its nearly invisible hearing aids that float in the ear canal. The Eargo 6, one of the best self-fitting OTC hearing aids for tinnitus, embodies a blend of affordability and modern features. 

The self-adjusting capabilities of the Eargo 6 coupled with an intuitive app, offer a personalized hearing experience.


  • Sound Adjust features offer natural hearing 
  • Water-resistant
  • Nearly invisible and comfortable
  • Noise reduction feature promotes clearer conversations


  • May require a learning curve for those not tech-savvy

Why We Chose Eargo 6 as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Eargo 6 stands out as a self-fitting OTC hearing aid thanks to its user-friendly app that allows for a tailored hearing experience. This feature can be particularly beneficial for individuals with tinnitus, as it may allow for better management of sound environments.

That said, the Eargo 6’s nearly invisible design and affordable price point make it a compelling choice for those seeking a blend of discretion, customization, and value.


The Eargo 6 hearing aids deliver on the promise of providing an effective, self-fitting, and affordable solution for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss, including those experiencing tinnitus. 

The ability to personalize hearing preferences, together with its discrete design, makes it a worthy choice for individuals seeking to manage their hearing loss without breaking the bank.

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Lexie Hearing – Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus With Replaceable Batteries

Lexie Hearing is a pioneering hearing aid industry business known for its high-quality, affordable, and easy-to-use solutions. The Lexie Lumen, our top pick among the best hearing aids for tinnitus with replaceable batteries, boasts various features suitable for mild to moderate hearing loss.


  • Excellent customer support
  • Elegant design and user-friendly interface
  • Offers 5 colors to choose from
  • 45-day risk-free trial period and a one-year warranty


  • Non-rechargeable batteries
  • Lack of Bluetooth audio or call streaming

Why We Chose Lexie Lumen as One of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

The Lexie Lumen stood out for its specific features tailored to address tinnitus, alongside the longevity of replaceable batteries. The adaptive noise reduction and telecoil functionality significantly improve speech clarity, making it a reliable choice for individuals with tinnitus.


Lexie Lumen’s blend of effective tinnitus relief, replaceable batteries, and additional user-friendly features like sweatproof technology and autofit make it a stellar choice for individuals seeking a reliable hearing aid. Its award-winning background and the supportive brand ethos further instill confidence in its ability to deliver on its promises, making it a worthy investment for better hearing​.

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Understanding Tinnitus: Causes and Symptoms

Tinnitus is often described as a ringing in the ears, but it can also sound as loud noises like hissing, buzzing, or humming. In some cases, it may be a continuous sound; in others, it may come and go. It can be perceived in one or both ears or in the head [1].

The exact cause of tinnitus is unknown, but it is often linked to some form of hearing loss. Other possible causes include exposure to loud noise, ear infections, certain medications, high blood pressure, and emotional stress.

For some, it’s a minor annoyance. For others, it’s a significant problem that affects their daily life. Common symptoms include ringing, buzzing, or humming sounds, difficulty concentrating, and sleep disturbances. The severity of these symptoms can fluctuate based on factors such as stress level, fatigue, and silence [2].

While tinnitus can occur independently with moderately severe hearing loss, it’s often a symptom or consequence of hearing loss. 

Studies suggest that around 80% of people with tinnitus also have hearing loss. This connection between tinnitus and hearing loss is crucial when considering treatment options, particularly when exploring using over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus [3].

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How Hearing Aids Can Help Tinnitus

OTC hearing aids for tinnitus can help manage your symptoms in two primary ways. Firstly, they fill the ‘sound void’ caused by hearing loss by amplifying external sounds. This amplification can also mask tinnitus sounds and make it less noticeable, particularly in quiet environments.

Secondly, many modern over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus come equipped with sound masking or sound therapy features. These masking devices provide further relief from persistent tinnitus.

Amplification to Fill the Sound Void

When hearing loss and tinnitus coexist, making everyday sounds audible through amplification can mask the tinnitus sounds and gradually retrain your auditory system to function more normally. In a survey conducted among healthcare professionals, around 60% reported that their tinnitus patients experienced some tinnitus relief through hearing aids [4].

Tinnitus Masking Through Sound Therapy

Sound enrichment therapy or sound masking is another vital treatment for tinnitus offered by hearing aids. This therapy provides temporary relief by playing another sound over your tinnitus, effectively masking it. These OTC hearing aids for tinnitus can result in residual inhibition, where your tinnitus appears lower or disappears after the masking sound is switched off [5].

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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hearing Aid for Tinnitus

When choosing the right option among the best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus, several factors must be considered. These include the severity of your tinnitus, hearing loss level, lifestyle needs, and budget. It’s also important to consider features such as its sound processing capabilities, tinnitus programs, and comfort.

Working with a healthcare professional is crucial when choosing a hearing aid for tinnitus. They can assess your hearing and tinnitus symptoms and recommend any of the best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus that meet your needs. Remember that what works for one person may not work for another, so finding a solution tailored to your unique circumstances is essential.

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Cost of the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus: What to Expect

The best hearing aids for tinnitus cost can vary widely, depending on the model, features, and level of customization. On the low end, basic hearing aids can cost a few hundred dollars. On the high end, advanced models can cost several thousand dollars.

While the upfront cost of some over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus can be high, they are a long-term investment in your hearing health. Many people find that improved hearing and tinnitus management benefits outweigh the cost. Fortunately, there are affordable hearing aids 

such as Jabra Enhance.

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Hearing Aids That Cancel Tinnitus: Do They Exist?

Yes, some hearing aids offer tinnitus masking features, which use external sound alone to make the noise less noticeable. Other hearing aids offer tinnitus therapy features to retrain the brain to ignore noise.

It’s important to note that while these features can help manage tinnitus symptoms, they do not “cancel” tinnitus. Tinnitus is a complex condition that often requires a multi-faceted treatment approach. The best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus can be a crucial part of this approach but are not a standalone solution [6].

Over-the-Counter vs. Prescription Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

There are two main types of hearing aids available: over-the-counter (OTC) and prescription. OTC hearing aids for tinnitus are typically less expensive and can be purchased without a prescription. They are designed for mild to moderate hearing loss.

Prescription hearing aids, on the other hand, are customized to the user’s unique hearing needs. They are typically more expensive than the best over-the-counter hearing aids but often offer more advanced features and better sound quality.

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The Role of Bluetooth and Other Advanced Features in the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus

Advancements in technology have led to a new generation of over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus with features such as Bluetooth connectivity, rechargeable batteries, and smartphone compatibility. These Bluetooth hearing aids can enhance the user’s experience, making hearing aids more convenient and user-friendly.

Bluetooth connectivity, in particular, can be beneficial for individuals with tinnitus. Users can stream sound directly into their ears by connecting the hearing aid to a smartphone or other device. This feature can be used with sound therapy apps to help manage tinnitus symptoms.

Hearing Aids for Seniors With Tinnitus: What To Look For

Choosing the best hearing aids for seniors with tinnitus is crucial. The hearing aid’s comfort, ease of use, and features are key factors to consider. Comfort is paramount, as the OTC hearing aids for tinnitus will likely be worn for many hours daily. Ease of use is also crucial, especially for seniors who may struggle with small buttons or complex settings.

Regarding features, look for a hearing aid that offers tinnitus management programs. These programs can help manage tinnitus symptoms and improve the user’s quality of life.

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Hearing Aid With Tinnitus Masker: How Does It Work?

Wearing OTC hearing aids for tinnitus generates a sound that masks or covers the tinnitus noise. This sound can be white noise, nature sounds, or other types of ambient noise. The idea behind masking is to provide a distraction from the tinnitus noise. The brain can ignore the tinnitus noise by focusing on the masking sound to provide relief.

While masking can be effective for some people, the best OTC hearing aids for tinnitus are not a cure. However, they can be a useful tool in managing tinnitus symptoms [7].


Still have unanswered questions about the best OTC hearing aids for tinnitus? Read on to see if we cover them below.

Do Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus?

Yes. Some of the effects of high-frequency tinnitus may be reduced by using the best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus. They accomplish this by enhancing the audibility of the sound frequencies in the user’s surroundings and providing a means to cover up annoying noises with adjustable white noise.

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What Does an Audiologist Do for Tinnitus?

Audiologists can perform a preliminary assessment of tinnitus. Hearing tests measuring tinnitus intensity and pitch may be part of this assessment. The audiologist can prescribe, fit, and customize any of the best OTC hearing aids for tinnitus to each patient’s unique needs.

Can Hearing Aids Make Tinnitus Worse?

The best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus are made to mask the sounds the user hears, usually with white noise, to help manage the condition’s symptoms. 

For the remote possibility that the best OTC hearing aids for tinnitus exacerbate your symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor immediately. They can implement any required adjustments or offer an alternative course of treatment.

Can Hearing Aid Help Tinnitus?

Yes, the best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus can help by amplifying external sounds, which may mask the ringing or buzzing associated with tinnitus.

What Are the Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus?

According to our review, the best hearing aids for tinnitus are Jabra Enhance, Widex Moment, Starkey, and Oticon More.

How Long Does It Take for Hearing Aids to Help Tinnitus?

It takes approximately 6-8 weeks for the brain to adjust to the new sound being produced by the hearing aid.

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Does Insurance Cover Hearing Aids for Tinnitus?

Insurance coverage for hearing aids used for tinnitus varies widely based on the insurance plan and provider. Generally, traditional Medicare does not cover the costs of hearing aids, even those used for tinnitus relief, although some Medicare Advantage plans might offer partial coverage for hearing aids.

Conclusion: The Best Hearing Aids for Tinnitus Needs

Choosing the best over-the-counter hearing aids for tinnitus can be complex but worthwhile. The right hearing aid can help manage tinnitus symptoms, improve hearing, and enhance the overall quality of life. Some of the best hearing aids that could help you relieve tinnitus symptoms include Jabra Enhance, Widex Moment, and Starkey.

Remember, every person’s tinnitus and hearing loss experience is unique. What works for one person may only work for one person. Working with a healthcare professional to find a hearing aid that meets your unique needs is essential.

While there’s no cure for tinnitus, tools are available to help manage its symptoms, and for many people, a hearing aid is an essential part of that toolkit.


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