Carmel man, lucky wedge steal spotlight from Tiger Woods


WESTFIELD, Ind. (WISH) — Can anyone provide some coaching here?

Golf is hard enough when you are surrounded by buddies and wide open fairways. How about a round with Tiger Woods in front of a gallery of thousands of Tiger die-hards?

Cool? Sure. Nerve-racking from the first tee box until the final putt drops on the 18th green? Absolutely.

“My wife was like, ‘There he is there he is!’ … You start to get jitters at that point and, heck, I had jitters a couple nights ago,” Aaron Busse said. “I got nervous.”

Busse, 39, is a Hoosier from Carmel, an everyday golfer by all accounts. He doesn’t keep his lights on at home with his short game. But, a bizarre twist to his work around the green is now no secret to Tiger.

“You’re trying to embarrass yourself, let alone embarrass yourself outside of Tiger Woods,” Busse said. “Then you watch the man swing and it is as pure as gold. I just wanted to make sure I didn’t duff it or kill a fan at that point.”

Busse’s support of the Evans Scholars Foundation, which sends youth caddies across the country to college on scholarship, lucked him into a Pro-Am Round with Tiger at the BMW Championship. And quickly, Tiger wasn’t the whole story.

Who is the guy putting with the sand wedge?

“I didn’t know what he (Tiger Woods) was going to say,” Busse said. “I have heard a lot of different responses. On the first green, his mark was right in front of my line. I said to my buddy, ‘Do I ask Tiger Woods to move his mark?’ … Neither one of us wanted to start out the round that way.”

Remarkably Woods didn’t razz the no-namer about the putting habit he has carried the last eight years. Instead, he watched closely.

On the final round on Sunday, that’s when the story got weird.

“My phone started blowing with friends asking: Did you see what Tiger just did?”

On his closing nine, with Woods well out of contention the 15-time major winner elected to keep his wedge after a solid chip. Busse’s putting regimine, by an act of subconscious mind or otherwise, rubbed off.

“He just … putted with his wedge,” Busse said. “I would love to say it was because of me or his way of saying thanks for playing with me but I am still on cloud nine and I probably will be for a while.”

Hey, Tiger … forget the putter.

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