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Fans: Bob Knight expected a lot from his players

Basketball fans share memories of Bob Knight

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — People in Indianapolis are remembering Bob Knight’s legacy.

For some people, it was easy to say Knight was one in a million.

Both Hoosiers and people visiting from across the country told News 8 his love for the sport was unsurpassed.

Some say they grew up watching Knight, and were impressed by his passion for the game, and how he trained players over the years.

Craig Howard said, “Bob Knight was a great coach. He was one that expected a lot from his players and knew the game real well.”

“I was just impressed with his coaching style, and there’s a certain number of great coaches out there growing up, and he was one of the coaches growing up that you watched hard, and he did a great job,” Howard said.

John McConnell said, “He’s one of the greatest coaches in history. I mean Bobby Knight, he’s won multiple championships. Loved to lose his temper, and loved to flair. He would just get the crowd going. Bobby Knight is a legend.”

“His students loved him. I mean his players loved him. I mean many careers were launched by Bobby I think in professional sports, as well as college sports,” McConnell said.

Brian Wiltz said, “I think that’s pretty sad. He was a Hall of Fame basketball coach. Obviously mentored a lot of young kids through college. He got a lot of kids from poor backgrounds through college and got them degrees, so hats off to the work he did.”

“I loved the old school approach and how well he disciplined kids who didn’t have discipline in their lives,” Wiltz said.

Other fans said they’d always see Knight’s name in the headlines, and that he won’t soon be forgotten.

News 8 met up with visitors from Kentucky and California. They say no matter where you live, Knight will continue to make a lasting impact.