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Nashville diner cherished by Bob Knight filled with unique memorabilia

Remembering Bob Knight

NASHVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — Bob Knight’s legacy stretches outside of Indiana University.

In the heart of the town of Nashville, Indiana, a small diner was cherished by the legendary coach. His death at age 83 was announced Wednesday.

The owner of Our Sandwich Place, Wendiellen Magana, said Thursday, “I just hope that everybody remembers him as a person who is able to bring a team together.”

This place isn’t your regular diner. Our Sandwich Place bleeds the color crimson. At the center is the Indiana University men’s basketball coach.

“It’s really been an honor because there’s so much history here. He and the original owner were really good friends,” Magana said.

That friend is Larry Hawkins who started the business about 50 years ago.

Every corner is filled with unique memorabilia and some personal photos of the coach sometimes known as “The General.”

Magana took ownership of the restaurant from her mom, Cheryl Ferguson. Magana said, “We have a lot of photos all around the restaurant that you’re not going to see anywhere else because they were brought in to the original owner and as part of their friendship.”

Ferguson said, “Coach used to come here a couple of times a week. I’m told that he had breakfast at Cloverleaf in Bloomington and came here and there was a table up front and Coach and Larry would sit there and gossip.”

There’s a large picture of Knight with the 1973 Hoosiers team as NCAA finalists.

Magana says one corner of the diner is where Knight would eat with his family. There’s even a chair with his name on it surrounded by pictures of him and friends that are now part of his memory.

“We want everybody to know that they can come in and look at the pictures and they can enjoy the history behind them,” Magana said.

They say they are thinking about his family. Ferguson said, “We were all very lucky to have him in our world, and I know they’re sorrowing right now and I’m very sorry.”

Magana says she plans to continue to celebrate Bob Knight’s legacy with the community for years to come.