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Behind the scenes with the Colts’ beloved groundskeeper

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Remarkably, after 23 seasons in Indianapolis working seven days a week Troy Glendenning, of Lebanon, Indiana, still treats each workday at the Colts Complex like it’s his first.

Glendenning began his career with the Colts as a generic maintenance employee, where his main job was picking up trash around the inside of the Colts Complex.

Quickly, he consistently raised his hand day and night for odd jobs on W. 56th street. 

“Oh, I had no clue what I was getting into,” Glendenning said. “It’s kind of evolved — you get to know people… We took care of No. 18’s [Peyton Manning’s] yard. Mowed, mulched. Also, back in the day I did crowd noise for every practice.”

“I stood out there for three hours, and if you screwed up crowd noise all the players would instantly know my name. They would say, ‘Troy!'” he said.

The gig on the ground floor eventually led to the top job on the grounds crew. 

Glendenning’s focus and passion became maintaining the team’s pristine practice fields — an elite talent in the midwest. 

“Monday we will mow first. Paint. Tuesday — do some more painting. Mow again. Irrigation everyday. Mowing everyday. Practice on Wednesday. Check goal posts. Fill irrigation heads. Put a little sand in,” Glendenning said.

Glendenning’s hard work for the Colts Organization has not gone unnoticed. 

In 2015, his house was robbed, the vandals taking his precious Colts memorabilia along with his dog. 

But, in one of his darkest hours, the team came through. Peyton Manning sent him signed Colts’ gear from Denver. 

Punter Pat McAfee and Head Coach Chuck Pagano pledged $6,000 for a safe return of the dog, who was returned the next day.

After over two decades of working for the Colts, this act of generosity still evokes heavy emotions from Glendenning.

“Looking back, those are the great stories … because it is a grind,” Glendenning said. “But when you can sit back and tell those stories – it is unbelievable. I am a lucky guy. Look at the people I have met … It is a wonderful organization from the owner down. They take care of you.”

McAfee had nothing but praise for not only Glendenning’s work on the practice field – especially given the Indiana weather ­­– but for who he is as a person.

“The best grass keeper on earth,” McAfee said. “Troy Glendenning is one of the nicest humans of all-time, one of the hardest working humans of all-time and I was lucky to get to know him.”

This is a Colt who could care less about hours on the clock – a rare distinction reserved only for all-time greats.


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