Indianapolis Colts

Hispanic soccer league cheers for Indianapolis Colts

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Monday night’s Steelers vs. Colts game on WISH-TV is just around the corner, and Hispanic soccer teams are cheering on for the Indianapolis team in their own way.

“I just happened to pickup football. I’m the kicker for football at Pike High School. That’s just something I do on the side, but soccer is my main sport,” said soccer player Griffin Weaver.

For some kids, football is a great sport, but at one of the biggest Hispanic soccer leagues, Liga Latina Fútbol Indianapolis, they say soccer is their biggest love.

For Chris Cabrera, in Spanish, “fútbol” means soccer. He says soccer plays an important role in Hispanic culture. “The thing I love the most about soccer is just enjoying yourself and being with your friends and doing what you love. I grew up playing this game. That’s what I love.”

Jose Dorantes runs the Hispanic league that welcomes all ages from all communities to play competitively or just for fun.

There are about 120 teams and a total of around 1,200 players, but Dorantes says he loves the Colts. “I’m very happy that (interim coach) Jeff Saturday is back into the team. He’s going to be adding a lot of good things to the team, so I’m excited.”

He says growing up in a dysfunctional family he found peace on the soccer field.

“As in many families, alcohol was a big factor for my dad. He was an alcoholic, and so there were a lot of problems at home,” Dorantes said. “Playing soccer helped me immensely growing up because all the problems at home I found refuge in soccer.”

He says these players mean a lot to him. “Some of them love to play American football as well and a lot of them are Colts fans, too.”

Some of these athletes say whether they’re playing soccer or football they love that both sports bring people together.