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Super Bowl organizers embrace Minnesota’s frigid temps

Minneapolis – It’s one of the coldest states in the country, so it’s no surprise that Minnesota is showing off some of its favorite winter activities as the Super Bowl nears. There is plenty to do outside with the cold winter weather. That includes creating some great pieces of art, like ice sculptures.

We caught up with one woman who was working chiseling down a big hunk of ice to the shape of Minnesota. Mary Twite is a Minnesotan through and through. She says if you’re going to live in this state you better find something fun to do in the winter.

Twite is one of the thousands of volunteers helping with the festivities down at Super Bowl Live this week. She tells us, “Minnesotans pride themselves on making it through pretty much any weather and about half pride themselves on enjoying it, too. So you know if you’re going to live here you better find something to do for six months out of the year when it’s cold.”