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Eta Aquarid meteor shower better before its peak

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — As we end April there’s a neat meteor shower you can see this weekend even though it doesn’t officially peak until May 5.

This meteor shower is called the Eta Aquarid and radiates from the Constellation Aquarius which is is how meteor showers get their names. Every year in early May the Earth passes through debris from Halley’s comet. While this shower is more prevalent in the southern states, some northern states will be able to see about 10 meteors per hour.

While the shower does technically peak on May 5, the moon is going to interfere. The moon phase will be a waxing gibbous which creates a lot of light and will inhibit perfect viewing.

There will be fewer meteors this weekend but the moon will not create a big impact. The best chance to see the shower will be just before dawn. All you need to do is find a dark spot and look up.