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Look for the Leonid meteor shower to peak in days ahead

Look for the Leonid meteor shower to peak in days ahead

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The peak of the Leonid meteor shower will be later this week.

Although this shower only produces from 10-15 meteors an hour normally, it has surprised in years past.

Friday night into Saturday morning is the actual peak. Clouds should drop off in central Indiana during this time frame after rain is in the forecast during the day on Friday.

A first quarter moon will be in place on Nov. 20. This means moonlight will not be an issue from Nov. 17-18.

Where to look

The radiant point of the meteor shower will be around the constellation Leo. Look towards the east skyline after midnight as the radiant rises. It will be highest in the sky right around dawn.

Some meteors from this shower will be visible nightly until Dec. 2.

Active Leonid meteor shower years

This year will probably be an average year with this meteor shower, meaning only from 10-15 meteors will be visible. However, this meteor shower has had some spectacular years.

In order for a meteor shower to be considered a storm, 1,000 meteors must fall in an hour. The years 1833, 1886 and 1966 come to mind with surprise performances by the Leonid meteor shower.

1997 Leonid meteor shower from space Courtesy: NASA

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