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CBLC Book Fest and Juneteenth Celebration at Central Library

The much-anticipated CBLC Book Fest and Juneteenth Celebration took place this past Saturday, but the celebration continues through a collection of Juneteenth-related books.

These books sourced through the Indianapolis Public Library will serve as a valuable resource, providing insights into the history and significance of Juneteenth, a holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans in the United States.

Keshia McEntire, public relations specialist at the Indianapolis Public Library, was a participating author in the Center for Black Literature and Culture’s Juneteenth Book Fest event. She was joined today by Teresa Clay, Miss Indy Juneteenth 2022.

The Indianapolis Public Library, known as the center of knowledge, community life, and innovation, serves residents of Indianapolis, Lawrence, Beech Grove, and Marion County, Indiana. With a network of 24 locations, including a Bookmobile, the library offers an extensive collection of materials, programs, and services that support lifelong learning for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

At the heart of the event is the Center for Black Literature & Culture (CBLC), housed in the R.B. Annis West Reading Room at Central Library. The CBLC is a dedicated space within the library that celebrates the vibrant heritage and triumphs of individuals with African roots. Its remarkable collection boasts over 10,000 items, encompassing books, CDs, magazines, movies, and research tools that showcase the rich tapestry of black history and culture.

The CBLC Book Fest and Juneteenth celebration is a testament to the Indianapolis Public Library’s commitment to fostering cultural appreciation and understanding.

By renting these books, you can immerse yourself in a celebration of Black literature, culture, and history. This event is a testament to the Indianapolis Public Library’s dedication to providing valuable resources and programs that educate, inspire, and bring communities together.