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Group of women shines light on Latina artists, provides mentorship in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A group of women are crafting new ways to make sure all Latina artists have a voice in Indiana.

“There’s so much talent in Indy and Latinas are just as talented as anybody else, and we’re so happy about that,” Mirvia Sol Eckert, cofounder of Indy Latina Artists, said.

Mirvia Sol Eckert, from Puerto Rico, and Mary Mindiola, from Venezuela, are making it their mission to empower Latina artists and shine a light on them.

“People always want to see the artist behind the art and that’s very, very important, so I want them to feel confident. That’s what our goal is,” Eckert said.

That’s why they created an all woman group called Indy Latina Artists that provides mentorship and exhibition opportunities in both Spanish and English.

The duo met years ago and discovered that they share a lot in common.

“She was Latina like me, so there was a connection and then I saw her at different shows. She started showing up at different shows with me and we just started talking,” Mary E. Mindiola, cofounder of Indy Latina Artists, said.

Last week, the group debuted its inaugural show at the Saks Fifth Avenue third floor gallery. The exhibition runs until Oct. 9.

“My culture is very, very important to me and so I used those hot Carribbean colors to express my feelings, so I used a lot of different, really bright colors,” Eckert said.

“A lot of artists that we have are just emerging, just getting the feel of what it’s about and they are very talented. They want to be out there. They just don’t know how. They’re a little bit shy, they’re intimidated by the language,” Mindiola said.

“We’re hoping that they feel comfortable with us. That they come to us. Some of them we help them out with their bios. This Saks was the first time they ever exhibited,” Eckert said.

Indy Latina Artists will host another event to showcase more art at the Circle City Industrial Complex in February 2023.

For more information about the group, you can contact Mirvia Sol Eckert and Mary Mindiola at