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Indy Latina Artists hosts inaugural show, ‘A Ver’

A group of female, Latina visual artists in Indianapolis is coming together for an inaugural show of their work this weekend.

“Indy Latina Artists” hopes the free exhibition will reveal their strengths and individuality to the community.

Two of those artists, Mirvia Sol Eckert and Mary Mindiola, joined us Wednesday on “All Indiana” to give a preview of their work, discuss the struggle of Latina artist being take seriously and more.

The show is titled, “A Ver,” and it’s happening this Saturday, September 17 from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. at the Saks Fifth Avenue third floor Art Gallery at Keystone Crossing. 

The show takes its name from the Spanish expression, “Yo voy a ir a ver la exhibición,” “I’m going to go see the exhibition.” “A ver” can also mean “let’s see,” and serves as an invitation for the larger Indianapolis community to come see 2-dimensional artwork by this group, comprised of people who identify as female and of Latino descent or heritage.

“Our hope is that this exhibition gives us the opportunity to show our strengths and our own creative individuality as Latinas,” Mirvia Sol Eckert, cofounder, said. “This is our first showing, debuting our members. We want Indy to know that we are to be taken seriously, not only as women, but as Latina artists. We want to show the state of Indiana that we have a voice, that we matter, and to cast light on certain aspects of the Latino culture as well.”

About Indy Latina Artists:

Indy Latina Artists (ILA) was founded in the fall of 2021 by Mirvia Sol Eckert and Mary E. Mindiola to create community through art, to recognize the contribution of Latinas in the arts, and to empower, mentor, encourage, and promote the work, as well as to provide a showcase for Latina artists and their voices.

Indy Latina Artists is currently planning future shows, including at the Circle City Industrial Complex in 2023. Some of the upcoming shows will be juried. Each opportunity will allow the member artists to network with additional artists or art fans in the area, and the group has been organizing meet-ups with membership to help strengthen bonds and to learn from each other.

“There are talented Latina artists out here in Indy, and we want to shine a light on them,” Eckert said. “Representation is absolutely key. Our Latina voices matter. I hope our audience understands that Latina artists have our own forms of expression and art styles and that we are serious in our craft.”

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