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‘Gr8 Comeback’: Gallery Pastry Bar

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Gallery Pastry Bar opened at the beginning of June and a couple months later, their chefs added Indy Burger Battle Champion to their resume. The restaurant, known for brunch with local ingredients, paired with a cocktail menu crafted by a local bartender, took home the 2020 Critic’s Choice.

Co-owner and head chef, Ben Hardy, talked about what the win means to him; especially while dealing with the COVID-19 crisis.

“To open and muscle through the restrictions and to have right out of the gate a win for the shop, I give a lot of credit to my sous chef Sam,” Hardy said. “To come and collaborate and put something together that everybody else loves, it’s awesome to be a part of.”

At any other time the pastries are usually what draws people inside, but Hardy says it’s the eating experience that sets them apart in the city.

“It’s rare that you can come in to an open-style kitchen and watch all of our European-style pastries being put together,” he said. “It’s all made in-house and we do it right in front of you.”

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