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Free prom dresses and tuxes available for Indiana students

Let your teen dance away at this year's prom in a FREE dress or tux!

Julia Rutland and Jody DeFord, The Gifted Gown, say "everyone deserves to feel special and be able to participate in any event without having to wonder where they will get the money to do so."

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About The Gifted Gown: 

The mission of The Gifted Gown is to provide formal attire, free of charge, to anyone in the community regardless of demographics or income level.
•    The Gifted Gown is open all year long, by appointment, to serve the entire community for all special occasion celebrations such as:  graduations, semi-formals, proms, scholarship pageants, weddings, etc. This year, the signature event of the year will be held at The Gifted Gown Prom Shop, on Saturday, March 9th from 11am to 4pm at Englewood Christian Church (57 N. Rural St. 46201).  This event is open to all but registration is required -  All guests receive a gown or suit, shoes, accessories and dry cleaning (courtesy of Deering Cleaners) all FREE OF CHARGE!

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o    Registration Link for The Gifted Gown Prom Shop:
o    Instagram:  @thegiftedgown
o    Twitter:  @thegiftedgown
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