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How to make the move to a senior community easier

How to make the move to a senior community easier

Is it becoming difficult to maintain your home or do you find yourself not socializing like you used to? Moving to a senior community might be the answer you’re looking for, but HOW do you know it’s the right time and what do you need to consider. 

Libby Mellinger, Community Relations Director, Traditions at North Willow, shares a few things to ask yourself and how to make the transition as easy as possible! 

How to make the move to a senior community easier

How Senior Communities can help:

Living in a senior community increases independence and quality of life.  Freedom from home maintenance (yard maintenance and snow removal, gutter cleaning, appliance repair, etc…) Provided activities, meals, transportation and staff support increases quality of life and can potentially keep you healthier and independent for much longer than being in your home. Being fearful of change is normal and understandable.  Spending as much time as you can at the community you choose before making the move will help alleviate that fear.

Winter is almost over and you may be considering a move to a Senior Community like Traditions at North Willow.  If you are one, don’t let your “stuff” make you change your mind. 

First, if you can move BEFORE selling your current home, do it!  Getting out of your house and settled in your new community will alleviate a great deal of stress for you. It allows you to be sure you have taken all the items with you that you’ll want in your new home without rushing through the downsizing process (you can always go back for more items).  Once you know you have everything with you that you will need, going through what’s left becomes a much less daunting task. (People don’t generally think of this as an option because it is not what we are used to within a traditional real estate transaction).  This also makes it so much easier for a realtor to show your home, which increases your chances of selling much quicker. (Many seniors no longer drive, or don’t drive at night, so being able to leave when a realtor wants to show the home becomes difficult and sometime impossible.) 

How to make the move to a senior community easier

Senior Relocation Specialists are an incredible resource for seniors and their families.  These companies will pack your items completely, move them to your new home, have them unpacked and your new home fully decorated the day you move in, with absolutely NO stress to the senior or their family.

Traditions at North Willow provides a Move Coordinator that will be a constant resource throughout the move process.  They will provide resources, assist with any questions and be there to help you get acclimated after you make the move.

To learn more, visit –  Facebook  @TraditionsatNorthWillow