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Police find furry surprise in theft suspect’s pocket: A tiny blue-eyed puppy

An approximately 5-week-old pit bull puppy that was found in a jacket pocket of larceny suspect out of Roseville, Mich., is held on Jan. 16, 2024. The puppy was turned over to Macomb County Animal Control. (Chris Hall/Detroit Free Press via AP)

ROSEVILLE, Mich. (AP) — Officers in a Detroit suburb found a furry surprise as they patted down a theft suspect: A tiny blue-eyed puppy, zipped inside the man’s jacket pocket.

Roseville police discovered the blue pit bull on Jan. 16 while arresting a man accused of stealing money from a bank customer.

The palm-sized female, about 5 weeks old, was taken to an animal shelter, where staff nicknamed her Bandit until they learned her name is Frappy, according to Jeff Randazzo, Macomb County’s chief animal control officer. Then she was transferred to foster care before being returned to her 24-year-old owner, once he was released from jail and paid an impound fee.

Randazzo said he met with the theft suspect, offering to help with vaccines and microchipping so they can “keep an eye on this dog.” Animal control is “hoping to take a bad situation and (make) it better,” he told the Detroit Free Press on Tuesday.

Frappy’s owner was charged with larceny from a person, accused of stealing the customer’s bag containing about $5,200.

He was arrested hours later, and his attorney, Robbie Lang, doesn’t believe the dog was in his pocket at the time of the alleged theft.