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Attorney Jennifer McKibben brings ‘fresh perspective’ to personal injury law

“I think many personal injury law firms in this state have lost focus of the importance of the individual client and see only the dollar signs at the end of the case. I never lose sight of you,” said Jennifer McKibben, McKibben Shaw Law attorney.

McKibben joined us today on “Life.Style.Live!” to share why she’s the right personal injury attorney for you.

She said as a female attorney in the male-dominated personal injury specialization she brings a “fresh perspective” and knows what it feels like to have to be twice as good to be taken seriously.

McKibben also helps the community by incentivizing businesses and corporations to act more safely and to care about their customers more rather than just profit sheets and dividend returns.

Being a woman also helps her as a lawyer on a more personal level. “I bring a fresh female perspective and empathy to the injured client – in my office when you are injured, you are part of our family and deserve to be treated with dignity and empathy and respect,” McKibben said.

McKibben Shaw Law has offices in both Noblesville and Fort Wayne.

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