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Author talks car accident survival in ‘Finding Faith in the Field’

Finding Faith In The Field

In the town of Park River, ND, Ben Hylden’s life took a dramatic turn after a serious car accident.

Though recalling the painful memories is tough, he shares his story to inspire others.

Hylden joined us Wednesday morning and reflected on his journey, acknowledging the lessons learned through adversity.

His book, “Finding Faith in the Field,” details the accident where he lost control on icy roads.

Despite the severity of the crash, Hylden found solace in his faith and the support of loved ones.

He vividly describes the moment of impact, the pain, and the miraculous rescue by his own parents, initially unrecognized due to his injuries.

With severe internal damage and a shattered face, doctors gave him little hope for survival.

Through his recovery, Hylden discovered a deeper meaning to life, which he shares in his book.

He reflects on the journey back to health, revealing the secret miracle that saved him.

Ben Hylden, once a farm boy from Park River, has now become a motivational speaker and author.

His book, “Finding Faith in the Field,” offers hope and inspiration to those facing their own struggles.