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Bring the family together for game night with Hedbanz and Grouch Couch

If you are wondering what other ways you can pass the time during this quarantine, how about playing Hedbanz and Grouch Couch?!

Spin Master Games, designed by Nick Metzler, has two new games that are guaranteed to bring back fun and laughter during this season of quarantine.

Website: Spin Master Games

Hedbanz (Spin Master Games)

Hedbanz, the quick question game of “What am I?” is as easy as Pick, Place, Play! Players first choose from six brand-new colorful headbands (there’s a pirate, a crown and even a unicorn!) and then draw a picture card from the pile, making sure not to look at the picture.

Place the card in the headband so the illustration is facing all players (still without peeking!) Flip the timer and try and guess the picture on your card by asking your opponents “yes” and “no” questions. If you correctly guess what’s on your card, place a Scoring Badge on your headband. Keep guessing cards until the timer runs out!  The first player to collect three Scoring Badges wins!

MSRP $19.99, 4+ Players, Ages 12+. Available at TargetWalmart and Amazon.

Grouch Couch (Spin Master Games)

Ever wonder what happens to those little items that suddenly go missing? Now’s your chance to find out in the fast-feeding, surprise-spewing game of Grouch Couch! Watch as Grouch Couch eats treats then spits out Lost Goodies in return!

It’s time to Roll, Place, Press! Roll the die, place that number of treats on the cushions, then press the remote-control button. Did he like the tasty treats? Grouch Couch might grumble, chomp, burp and eat your treats! When he eats, he’ll spit out Lost Goodies, like that matching sock you were looking for, an old popsicle stick or even a pair of underwear!

The player with the most Lost Goodies when Grouch Couch plays his final victory song, wins!

MSRP $19.99, 2-4 Players, Ages 5+. 3 AAA batteries required, not included. Available at TargetWalmart and Amazon.