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Check out this twist on an Amaretto Sour with Kan-Kan

Check out this twist on an Amaretto Sour with Kan-Kan

You’re likely familiar with the classic – a good ole’ Amaretto Sour. Yet in our kitchen this morning, it’s getting a twist.

Ryan Gullett, Bar Director, Kan-Kan, and Lauren McGraw- Event Directo, Kan-Kan, make us a cocktail from the Cult Classic section of the bar menu. The ingredients? Lazzaroni amaretto, Buffalo trace bourbon, jelinek fernet, simple syrup, lemon juice.

• 5 or 6 years ago, Father and son duo of Sam & Ben Sutphin and Tom & Ed Battista began looking for real estate around Indianapolis for an Art House Cinema since we didn’t have one. Other cities all over the country had their home for film and Indianapolis was missing one.
• In March of 2016 they joined forces with local filmmaker Daniel Arthur Jacobson of Public House Cinema (a pop up movie theater) who had similar plans.
• A restaurant and bar were always a part of the concept, we wanted a place for community along with film
• Bought the church at 1258 Windsor, but was not in shape to host multiple theaters and foundation was sinking. Had to design new building
• Brought in Louise Henderson and created a non-profit: Indianapolis Film Project to go above and beyond the four walls of the cinema with our film outreach: support local filmmakers, bring in directors, work with high schools, etc.
• The name is a a Kurt Vonnegut Reference, just as Bluebeard is.
• This is multiple James Beard semi-finalist, Abbi Merriss’, second restaurant. The Brasserie has brought over some talent from Bluebeard to encourage the culture, magic and standards that we have all grown to love.
• Four Screens! (35, 45, 145 seats, and a nano-cinema, two events spaces, restaurant & bar
• Four screens allows us to show manner of films! We like to focus on the small-budget, big-idea-driven, endlessly-fun-to-talk-about movies. Something for everyone: narratives, old favorites, documentaries, classics, works from local filmmakers, you name it. And, we also curate a number of different film series and unique movie-going experiences.
• It’s located in Windsor Park! Near Eastside, just north or Woodruff place and just east of the CCIC. Just a 10 min walk from the north end of Mass Ave. Spades park is our front lawn, and the original Carnegie library of Spades Park is our wonderful neighbor.
Most importantly, we want to be a home. A place to come see something unique, familiar, whatever your taste and share your thoughts with others. The perfect place to grab food and drinks with friends or discuss films with fellow movie goers. We love streaming at home but seeing a movie with others and sharing a drink and meal is truly something special.

To learn more, visit:, @kankancinema (ig & twitter) Kan Kan cinema and brasserie (fb)