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Chef Wendell shares vegetarian recipes from his new cookbook

Chef Wendell shares vegetarian recipes from his new cookbook and some advice on how to select the best foods for your body.

Chef Wendell starts off by making a flavored water for those water haters.

In a ball jar, muddle strawberries, basil leaves, and lemons then pour it through a strainer into a glass. Stevia would be his sweetener of choice.

“When Hoosiers are thirsty, they drink ‘everything’ but water, the most important human nutrient.”

Why does he believe some of the flavored waters in the stores are harmful?  Preservatives-Potassium Sorbate-shown to cause changes in human DNA and stress the immune system Sodium Benzoate is a rocket fuel that forms the carcinogen benzene when combined with citric acid, a natural preservative. (Vitamin C)

Stabilizers-Propylene Glycol, an ingredient in anti-freeze and used to de-ice airplanes, is used in one brand to ensure the flavor remains consistent throughout the entire bottle. It may cause allergic reactions on the skin, and kidney and liver damage. Many Flavored bottled waters contain extra sugar, propylene glycol, and snarky food colorings that can cause unexplained allergies. And……avoid these ingredients when you are reading labels.

Chef Wendell is famous for his Fiber crusade and shows us how to make a bold flavored pasta dish that helps prevent the dreaded ‘Wheat Belly”. Americans are fleeing wheat gluten in droves even if they do not have gluten allergies. He shows some different pasta’s that you might consider as options.

If you would like a copy of Chef Wendell Fowler’s newest cookbook, “Eat Right Now!” visit his website

Or he is happy take orders via email and snail mail.  The autographed book sells for $20.95 plus shipping and packaging.

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