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Creative ways to show your friends you are THANKFUL for them

Come Thanksgiving, many of us will be counting our blessings and reminding ourselves what we are thankful for. But what if you want to do something a little more special? Maybe you have a friend or family member who night not be with you this holiday. Perhaps they’re in the hospital, a nursing home or live far away.

Today on Indy Style, Aimee Kandrac, Founder, WhatFriendsDo, shares a few ideas that are sure to brighten up anyone’s holiday.

  • Make a thankful napkin – list reasons you are thankful for the person–have others write reasons as well
  • Make a thanksgiving towel, everyone can put hands on to make turkeys
  • These can serve as keepsakes
  • If someone is in the hospital it will be nice to have the meal with a reminder of loved ones
  • Make a gift box/care package
  • WhatFriendsDo Cozy Thanks Giving Box is already put together for you includes many cozy items you can give to a friend or hostess.

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