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DeliverEnd brings hope to businesses, gig workers with service offering safe, cost-effective deliveries

This local company was developed just three years ago, and it’s now surging due to the pandemic and the crime faced while purchasing products from online marketplaces.

Nick Turner, founder and CEO of DeliverEnd joined us today to share how his company can help make your online marketplace shopping experience more safe while also bringing jobs to those who need them right now. Here’s more from him.

DeliverEnd is working with local small and medium businesses to provide them with safe and cost-effective local delivery options. COVID has decimated these businesses, especially ones that did not have a solid eCommerce and local delivery infrastructure to keep in contact with their customers.

DeliverEnd will be scaling to 20 new markets in 2021, starting in March.

Gig economy drivers (i.e. Uber and Lyft) have seen a drastic reduction in work over the last 6 months.  DeliverEnd allows these drivers to continue to make a living, as our demand actually increases during work-from-home and business restrictions.

We have recently completed our 100,000th item delivery in Indy!

DeliverEnd is currently providing safe delivery services for Marketplace transactions (i.e Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist) in the Indianapolis area.

For all new users on the DeliverEnd app, we are giving them $50 in credits to use towards their marketplace items.

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