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Fall inspirations for your holiday centerpieces

Get in the “autumnal” spirit with ideas from Pam Parker, owner of JP Parker Flowers.PUMPKIN CENTERPIECESupplies

Knife, liner, floral foam, wood skewers scissors. Wire, spray bottle bleach solution

Paints and acrylicPreparation

Wash pumpkin with mild bleach to prevent mold inside and out( 1 tablespoon bleach to 1 gal water)

Wash the outside and if you carving a pumpkin also the inside of pumpkins or gourds with the bleach solution.

Keep a spray bottle of the solution to help with longer lasting carved pumpkins.

Designing Heirloom Pumpkin Centerpiece

Remove all the seeds and loose materials in the pumpkin. Be certain no water is standing in the bottom.

Liners can be cottage cheese container, yogurt container, tin can or glass.

Cut floral foam to the size of the containerCan design with:

Preserved leaved, apples, pears, artichokes, small painted pumpkins, heirloom corn, mums, cockscomb and soybeans

Can also paint pumpkins and gourds. These can be used for a Halloween fun party and for Thanksgiving decorating. Use acrylic paint or paint spray!Petal it Forward

Wrld-wide event by the floral industry: Society of American Florist chose JP Parker Flowers through their local wholesaler to give away 150 bouquets of flowers Wednesday. It is called “Petal it Froward,” and 75 people will randomly be chosen to give away two bouquets. One to have for themselves and one to pass on to someone that would love to get it!

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