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Father’s Day and graduation gift ideas with Anna De Souza

Gift ideas for dads and grads

With Father’s Day and graduation season upon us, tech journalist and lifestyle expert Anna De Souza shared some practical and unique gift ideas for dads and grads.

When choosing gifts, De Souza advises considering the different needs of dads and graduates. “Most dads have nearly everything while new grads don’t. Look for something sensible and practical, but don’t forget to get them something handmade and personal,” she said.

For a unique gift, De Souza recommends Univ Royal tires. “Nothing says I care more than trust. Give dads and grads quality Univ Royal tires. They recently launched their Laredo tire for pickup trucks and SUVs. The Laredo HT tire is great for long road trips and commuting, while the Laredo AT tire works for on and off-road driving,” she noted. More information can be found at

De Souza also suggested Old Spice shampoos as an affordable gift. “Old Spice shampoos help make men’s hair look healthier, fuller, and more moisturized. They are blended with the perfect mix of cleansing and conditioning ingredients for men’s hair. They can be used daily for deep cleaning and moisturization,” she explained. Old Spice is America’s number one men’s shampoo.

For graduates, De Souza recommends gifts that can be cherished for years. “A handwritten recipe book with quick and easy recipes, a frame for their diploma, or a custom throw pillow of the family pet are great ideas,” she said. For dads, she suggested thinking of ways to memorialize the season. “I found a cool motorized paper airplane that you can control through your smartphone, which is a fun way to spend quality time together,” she added.

Another unique gift idea is the GE LED+ color bulb. “Dads love these for parties and holidays, and grads love to decorate with them. You can toggle between cool and warm white, 16 vivid colors, and five light modes with a remote. They are available for under $10 at Target and,” De Souza shared.

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