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Get a non-judgment workout with Indoor Cycling Studio at Carmel City Center

Combine cardio with strength training at Carmel City Center’s Indoor Cycling Studio!

Cathy Miller, Owner, InCycle & InCycle Strength, tells us more about their classes, packages and virtual cycling:

InCycle is an indoor cycling studio located at Carmel’s City Center, opened May, 2013 – offering several different formats of classes, most of which include using weights, body bars and resistance bands for a short segment of each class. We opened InCycle Strength on June 1, 2020 – during the pandemic!!! InCycle Strength is also located at City Center across the plaza from InCycle. Classes offered there are TRX Fusion, Strength Circuits and Barre Fusion.

Between the 2 studios, we offer over 50 classes every week – cycling (1 hour, 50 and 45 minute classes), 30/30 (30 minutes of cardio on the bike followed by 30 minutes of strength training at the new studio), Ride Restore (30 minutes of cycling followed by 30 minutes of yoga). All packages purchased include classes at both studios – we also offer a $49 new student 1-month unlimited package. Since re-opening after the initial shutdown in March/April, we have added virtual cycling classes as well as a Video on Demand offering. Our video on demand library has over 40 classes, both cycling and strength classes and new classes are added every week.

Our studio’s philosophy is personal service, community, knowing our clients and a non-judgment all-inclusive environment. We have several families that work out together – husbands/wives, fathers/daughters/sons, mothers/daughters/sons – it’s really remarkable how many families we have working out together. We accept ClassPass reservations.

Social media: FB, Instagram and twitter: @incycleindy