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Help local teachers by donating school supplies during the Gr8 Paper Push

Did you know? Every day students of all ages in Marion County attend school without the most basic supplies they need for a good education. Many teachers pay for the needed supplies out of their own pocket to make sure students have the necessary tools to learn. Teachers’ Treasures allows teachers to shop at an extremely reduced rate but in order to do so they need donated supplies.

Paper is their greatest need! WISH-TV would like you to help us make a difference in the lives of Central Indiana Students by collecting and donating paper for Teachers’ Treasures.

Here’s how it works: Collect paper and school supplies at your office between now and August 2, tweet us ahead of time @WISH_TV by noon on August 1 listing your location and using #gr8paperpush to pledge your donation. Then on Wednesday, August 2, the WISH-TV crew will drive to your office and collect the donation for teachers’ treasures. It’s that easy!

This year’s Gr8 Paper Push is made possible by Wilson Kehoe Winingham.

Thank you for your help in making the school year a huge success for central Indiana students!

To learn more, visit:www.teacherstreasures.org