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How to make meals using ‘Big Red’ soda with Firefighter Tim

Firefighter Tim Griffin showcased his culinary skills with a unique twist. He prepared a BBQ sauce and a dessert, both featuring Big Red soda.

This choice of ingredient is in line with the promotion of their upcoming world record attempt for the most people wearing red fire helmets.

The Big Red Soda BBQ sauce recipe calls for a can of Big Red soda, along with ingredients like ketchup, garlic powder, onion powder, paprika, Dale’s sauce, cider vinegar, and more. These ingredients are combined over low heat, with Big Red added to the mixture to simmer. The sauce can be boiled and cooled multiple times to achieve the desired thickness.

For the Big Red Soda Cake, Tim combined a yellow cake mix and a strawberry cake mix with water, eggs, and vegetable oil. The batter is poured into baking pans and baked until done.

Once cooled, the cake is poked with holes and a mixture of cherry gelatin and Big Red soda is poured over it. For the frosting, Tim combined vanilla instant pudding, Cool Whip, and milk, which is then spread over the cake.

Tim is promoting this delicious and unique culinary experience as part of the lead-up to the Carmel Fire Auxiliary’s world record attempt on July 4.

The event aims to gather the most people wearing red plastic fire helmets, emphasizing community outreach and positive impacts. It is an inclusive event that welcomes people of all ages, genders, and backgrounds, with the goal of uniting the community and setting a world record.

Nonetheless, the Carmel Fire Auxiliary is excited to bring the community together for this exciting and enjoyable event.