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Local teen launches book to help physical and mental health for youth

Lance Alexander: From Junk to Hunk

On today’s Life.Style.Live!, were talking transformation and empowerment with the multi-talented Lance Alexander, actor, author, and health activist.

Lance is here to share his inspiring movement, “From Junk to Hunk,” which is dedicated to promoting strong mental and physical health among youth and teens.

With the help of retractable signs and a book display, Lance will illustrate how this movement is all about clearing out the “Junk” in our lives, which includes toxicity and negativity, and transforming into a “Hunk”—a stronger and better version of ourselves.

Whether you’re a teenager looking for guidance or an adult seeking a positive change, Lance’s wisdom will resonate with you.

Tune in to discover the steps to start your “From Junk to Hunk” journey, learn why Lance is passionate about advocating for youth, and find out what exciting plans lie ahead for this transformative movement.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be inspired and motivated by Lance Alexander’s powerful message of personal growth and empowerment.