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Local toddler apparel company donates portions to fund children’s adoption

It’s started with a big dream, and now husband and wife duo Ryan and Lindsey Rominger are making that dream come true! Cradlemade is an online baby and toddler clothing and accessories shop whose products are hand designed and handmade. Even more, 10 percent of the proceeds are donated to fund adoptions and place children in loving, forever homes.

Who We Are

• Cradlemade is an online baby and toddler apparel and accessories shop started here in Indianapolis, IN.

• Cradlemade sells both hand designed clothing as well as handmade accessories for the modern, trendy baby.

• Cradlemade was started by a husband and wife duo, Ryan and Lindsey Rominger, after a desire to combine art and business to fund what we believe to be a significant cause.

• Cradlemade was not only founded with the vision to provide trendy baby clothing to Indianapolis families and beyond, but also to raise money to help fund adoptions for families’ looking to adopt. Adoption can be a very expensive process, with international adoptions ranging from $20,000-35,000. This price includes things such as travel expenses, a homestudy, paperwork, legal services, social services and more.

• The great expense is one of the top reasons that stop families from pursuing adoption further. We want to do what we can to lessen this financial burden and allow families’ to focus on bringing their child home.

• Here’s our promise: “For every $10 that Cradlemade profits, $1 will be given to an organization that helps fund adoptions for loving families facing the great expense of bringing a child into a loving home.” Cradlemade donates 10 percent of our profits to our carefully chosen giving partner, Holt International (more on Holt below).

• We believe that the family is the core to many issues we face in our world today. With a loving family, children are provided with a safe place to grow and flourish.

• In addition to working with our giving partner to help fund adoptions, we are also passionate about working with local businesses to build community and synergy. We work with local suppliers to create our products and are proud to call Indianapolis home and be part of the “shop local” movement.

What We Sell

• All of our products are hand designed, starting as a drawing in a sketchbook. The designs all represent something sentimental, such as Lindsey’s love for pancakes on the “Brunch Buddy” tee or the “Puppy Love” romper inspired by our black lab Judd.

• Cradlemade product offerings include hoodies, tee shirts, onesies and rompers, along with a selection of bibs.

• Our products are all “kid-approved” with non-toxic ink and soft fabric that is perfect to play in.

• In addition to families purchasing our products with small children, many individuals have purchased Cradlemade items as a gift. Cradlemade products make great baby shower or “Welcome to the Family” gifts.

• Our selection of bandana bibs are all-handmade, made by a local Indianapolis native, Becky Hipskind. Each bandana is unique and one of kind, perfect for meal times and all the drooling in between.Inspiration Behind the Company

• Ryan and Lindsey, the co-founders of Cradlemade, both grew up in families with adopted siblings. Adoption has always been something that is extremely close to both of our hearts.

• Lindsey is an Indianapolis native, growing up on the south side in Greenwood. Ryan is from the central valley in California outside of Fresno. After crossing the country and meeting in college in Lynchburg, Virginia, we began to dream about what we could start that would combine Lindsey’s love for art and Ryan’s love for business to create a sustainable business that would “give back.”

• From that desire and dream, Cradlemade was born. We wanted to create something that would fund adoptions for children, and baby and toddler clothes seemed like the perfect fit.

• We started Cradlemade in October of last year, turning our dream into a reality.

• We have been so blessed by our customers and the stories they have shared with us.

• We have had families that have fostered and adopted reach out to us, connecting with the company and letting us know that they believe in us. This has been incredibly special and truly is the reason we started Cradlemade in the first place.

• Every Cradlemade purchase is truly making a difference in the life of a child.

Where does the 10% go?

• Cradlemade was founded with the vision of every purchase going to help a family cover the cost of an adoption. Our promise is that for every $10 that Cradlemade profits, $1 will be given to an organization that connects children with loving families and homes. Cradlemade has chosen to give 10 percent of our proceeds to Holt International, a faith-based humanitarian organization and adoption agency based in Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 1956, Holt International was one the original pioneers in international adoption and has been connecting children with families for over 60 years. Holt International works in 13 countries around the globe and provides resources and support to families and children in need, including pre- and post-adoption services.

• Specifically, Cradlemade tithes 10 percent of its proceeds to the Holt International Special Blessings Grant. The Special Blessings Grant is designed to provide funding to families that are in need of financial assistance to complete the adoption process (including both domestic and international adoptions).Where You Can Find the Products

• You can find the Cradlemade products on our website at

• We are also in local boutiques in the greater Indianapolis area, including Nuture on Mass Ave, Lil Bloomers in Noblesville and Brown County and Toasty Baby in Fountain Square.

• We are also on Etsy, where you can all of the products that are on our website.

• Shipping is always free to anywhere in the country!How We Hope to Expand in the Future

• Our vision is to become a large-scale baby product retailer, continuing to sell our line of Cradlemade products as well as partnering with other local baby product suppliers to offer a wide variety of products to our customers.

• We have a goal to one day be able to fund an entire child’s adoption from start to finish.

• We’d love to hear your adoption and foster stories!! Feel free to contact us at We’d also love to see your little one wearing Cradlemade! Send us your photos for a chance to be featured on our website and social media pages.

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