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Louie’s Wine Dive & Ripple Kitchen celebrates grand opening

“Wine should be fun,” and you should never feel intimidated to try something new. Those are words straight from the crew at Louie’s Wine dive & Ripple Kitchen. Earlier this month, Chef Patrick and Sous Chef Aaron celebrated the restaurant’s grand opening, which features made-from-scratch kitchen, brunch on the weekends and their famous Wine Board with rare and exciting wine selections! Louie’s will also offer original craft cocktails and local beers and our popular Brunch on Saturday and Sunday with Bottomless Mimosas.

The new location? 701 Broad Ripple Ave!

Here are today’s recipes:Steak Deburgo and Pesto Tagliatelle with ShrimpBasil Pesto

Shelf Life: 96 hours

1X Recipe

Ingredients Weight Measure

Basil, rough chopped 8 oz

Parsley, rough chopped 4 oz

Olive Oil 12 oz

Lemon Juice 3 oz

Pecans 4 oz

Salt and Pepper 1/2 tbs

Black Pepper, fresh ground 1 tsp

Tools: Robocuope

Yield: 32 ounces


Storage Container: 2 qt cambro


1. Wash hands before starting work.

2. Place basil and parsley in the robocoupe and pulse for thirty seconds.

3. Turn robocoupe on and slowly add oil and lemon juice.

4. Add pecans all at once. Pesto should thicken quickly.

5. Once smooth, add S&P and the fresh pepper.

6. Use a spatula to scrape into a 2 qt cambro. Cover, label and date.

Deburgo Butter

Ingredients Amount

Butter 8 #

Mustard 3/4 C

white wine 8 C

Garlic Puree 2 C

Oregano (Chopped) 2 & 1/2 C

Basil (Chopped) 2 & 1/2 C


1. In a sauce pan add the riesling, mustard, and garlic pruee. Bring to a simmer.

2. Once this comes to a simmer add the butter and slow whisk to combine.

3. Once you hit this point add the herbs and season and hold for service.

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