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Natural cures for the winter blues, pain, neuropathy

How can light help cure joint pain and winter blues?

Dr. Trond Seland, clinic director and founder of Seland Chiropractic Living Well Center and Nauticus Laser and Wellness Centers, gave us a demonstration today showing the power of chiropractic lasers and red light therapy! Here’s more from him:

Healing and staying healthy requires energy, energy flowing inside your body. Normally this energy flows Innately, but sometimes your body needs a little boost, especially during the winter and holiday months.

For over 25 years Seland Chiropractic has served our community with Subluxation Based, Chiropractic Care. This year Dr. Seland has brought new technology to help our patients become even healthier, using the Power of Light!

For centuries mankind has used sunlight to help heal people. Even NASA has used Light Therapy on its Astronauts. But why would a Chiropractor use Light Therapy on patients? That’s where Dr. Seland and Nauticus Lasers come in!

Chiropractic adjustments help connect our bodies with our Innate healing energy, but sometimes we need more help.

There are frequencies of light that energize and stimulate healing in your body naturally. These healing lasers and red Light therapies reduce inflammation, pain and depression during the winter months.

This process of healing with the power of light is called “PhotoBiomodulation” or PhotoBiomodulation Therapy.

These technologies are great for:

  • Reducing Back and Neck Pain
  • Reducing Neuropathy
  • Reducing Joint Pain
  • Reducing the Winter Blues of Seasonal Affective Disorder
  • Energizing your body and your immune system during the winter months

How does Dr. Seland do this? Follow him to find out more!

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